Why do MS electric motors with an output of 3 kW – 4 kW pay off?

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Electric motors are a useful helper not only in the industrial environment. They can also be used in various workshops, garages and home applications. For these purposes, we recommend choosing an electric motor with lower power but higher speed. A great advantage in this respect is the possibility of three-phase power supply. For the purposes of driving saws, circular saws, grinders and smaller industrial equipment, three-phase induction electric motors are an ideal choice, for several reasons.

low voltage electric motorsIf you have the option of using a 4kw electric motor (with a 400 V supply), you can choose from three-phase induction electric motors with different outputs. The choice of electric motor should be conditioned not only by the requirements for the type of drive and parameters. But also by the design. Especially in the case of smaller applications, where the space is not called, it is important to pay increased attention to the method of assembly and the overall dimensions.

Three-phase electric motor with an output of 3 kW

From this point of view, the electric motors of the MS series are an ideal choice. Thanks to the aluminum frame, the 3 kW electric motors are characterized by a weight of 22.5 kg and allow for 5 different mounting methods. As an example, let’s mention a 3 kW electric motor in a two-pole version with 2,910 rpm. Thanks to its parameters, it is a suitable electric motor, for example for a circular saw or a saw. This electric motor can also handle the maximum load.

electric motorsThree-phase electric motors with an output of 4 kW

An electric motor with a higher output of 4 kW can be connected to a triangle. It is a high-quality electric motor with a weight of approximately 30 kg and a fully enclosed construction. You can choose it in a two-pole version with 2,910 rpm, or it is also available as a four-pole 4 kW electric motor with speeds of 1,460 rpm.

The electric motors of the MS series have a whole range of above-standard elements. Which promise many years of trouble-free operation. In addition, we always have these electric motors in stock and right now they are available at extremely favorable prices.

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